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Tesla is now a reality in the USA. This North American manufacturer with a serious intention of becoming the undisputed leader in the sale of electric cars aims to become the best seller of the brand thanks to a price of 35,000 dollars. But its range of electric vehicles and the benefits thereof are not the only resource that the firm has to convince the market in its conversion to the electric car. Given the problems of lack of autonomy and recharging points, we at Outlook Energy offer the best Tesla charging stations to make life easier.

Best Tesla Charging Stations

Tesla has put to work to offer a transition from the traditional engine to the electric as comfortable as possible for those who want it. Many potential buyers of Tesla have realized that the firm is offering this new option for a price of $ 1,000. Thus, the brand can be asked to be responsible for mounting the appropriate electrical system for the car from the same online configuration process. At the moment, this offer is only available for orders of the Model X and Model S-models that are manufactured at a much slower pace than the Model 3. In the proposal, the buyer of a Model X or a Model S can opt for Tesla to install a 240-watt power outlet in their home, which will allow 40 kilometers of autonomy per hour of charging, for the price mentioned.

While the destination chargers aim to serve their customers to recharge the batteries during long periods of parking in shopping centers, hotels or public spaces, the “Superchargers” are stations that allow speedy connection to charging points. Now with just 30 minutes of recharge, you can restore up to 270 kilometers of autonomy. The charging stations in NJ and NY is installed with public access providing recharging points for Tesla customers to make long-distance trips without the fear of running out of battery.

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