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Demand Response programs are available to commercial and industrial users to help offset any strain on the power grid by decreasing the energy consumption. It controls the electricity supply or demand peaks, allowing greater flexibility and stability of the grid.

Aggresive Fixed Rates Like Never Before

Outlook Energy offers energy distributing systems and cost-effective services. We at Outlook Energy, face several challenges such as forecasting the growth of demand and the intermittent production of energy, to provide a more reliable service. By 2030, electricity consumption in the United States will grow by 80%. These circumstances and aggressive fixed rates have led our company to strengthen the participation of end users in the supply of energy, through strategies such as demand response programs.

Depending on the specific conditions of the service, our Demand Response programs encourage reduction to avoid unexpected interruptions as well as capital investments. Our purpose is to dynamically balance the supply and demand of energy, involving the participation of the client in exchange for savings on the bill.

Self-generation and response to demand is a challenge for energy marketers and entrepreneurs. Regarding the response to demand, with Outlook Energy, the entrepreneurs can obtain economic incentives by reducing their energy consumption. Customers are voluntarily asked to turn off or on machineries in response to the rates set for different times of the day. We bet on this horizon of sustainability, commitment to the environment and economic development.

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